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How to manage your conditions and help the NHS

The NHS in Suffolk spent £3,417,719 on prescribing for all these conditions in 2015/16.

You can help by buying your own treatments. It is cheaper to you than it is to the NHS.**

Look at www.nhs.uk for advice on how to stay well and reduce symptoms for minor conditions. Make sure you have enough of the medicine you need.  Take a look at our leaflets that offer advice on how to look after yourself when you have an illness such as a cold, hayfever or dry skin.

*All prices are based on a quick search of the cheapest available product in your local pharmacy (as at May 2016).

**It costs more to the NHS than the purchase price from pharmacies and supermarkets because the NHS price is set nationally and additional fees are added to cover the process of checking and dispensing the prescription. There are also costs to the NHS associated with GP and nurse appointments and time spent by prescription clerks.

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