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Self Care Week 2016

Understanding Self Care for Life

Self care means knowing how to keep fit and healthy, how to deal with medicines appropriately, manage self-treatable conditions and when to seek appropriate clinical help.

This year’s Self Care Week takes place from November 14-20.

More needs to be done to support people to better look after their own health. Empowering individuals to self care has many benefits for their short term and long term health and this is important since people are living longer.
Helping people to look after their own health, and their family’s health also helps to manage demand on health services.

Visit: www.selfcareforum.org/fact-sheets for more useful information

Theme: Know the risks

The aim of Alcohol Awareness Week is to get people
thinking about alcohol - how it affects us as individuals,
families, communities and society as a whole.

Further information on alcohol advice is available at

Alcohol advice
Alcohol Concern
Promoting health; improving lives

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