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16 March 2016
Press release

Work of young people recognised nationally

The work being done by a group of young people from east Suffolk to increase awareness of health issues has been recognised nationally.

Members of YEAH!, the Youth Engagement Forum of the NHS Ipswich and East Suffolk Clinical Commissioning Group (IESCCG), were invited by NHS England to attend the “Cooking Up Youth Voice In The NHS” event at Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital in London last week.

Group members, alongside IESCCG staff, participated in a series of workshops, where they explained how and why YEAH! was established, how members are recruited as well as explaining more about the events they have organised since the group was founded in April 2015.

In the last 11 months IESCCG and YEAH! have successfully hosted events including a schools’ day at Trinity Park Ipswich which was attended by over 300 local children who discussed and debated health issues that are important to them, and took part in last year’s National Takeover day at Ipswich Hospital, which saw young people take over adult roles for the day, helping them understand and appreciate the workings of a busy hospital. Members of YEAH! assisted local charity 4YP to interview for their CEO position, gave valuable input into the design of the Suffolk School Nurses survey and have been instrumental in the design of the dedicated YEAH! youth health area of the IESCCG website.

Louise Hardwick, head of operations, NHS Ipswich and East Suffolk Clinical Commissioning Group said: “Our young people are our future and it’s so important they are involved in, discuss and debate health issues. Health matters to everyone, whatever their age and it’s fantastic that what we’re doing in east Suffolk is seen as being a successful and effective way of communicating with our young people.

“Being invited by NHS England was an excellent opportunity to discuss our approach with other health organisations as well as gain new ideas on how we can reach even more young people and have a positive impact on their health.”

Ellie, a member of YEAH! who attended the event said “It’s great to have been recognised for all the hard work we have done, especially as we know it has inspired others to connect with young people.”

Learn more about YEAH! - here

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YEAH! youth forum in London: clockwise Ellie, Ellen, Louise Hardwick, Jack, Lois Bull and Emily
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