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Celebrating nurses who work in GP practices

The first-ever conference to celebrate the work of local primary care nurses took place last week.

More than 60 nurses attended the Primary Care Nurse Conference in Ipswich - these nurses provide nursing care, treatment and health education to patients at the 40 GP practices across east Suffolk.

As well as acknowledging their essential role in local health care provision, this was an informative learning and knowledge sharing event where they could discuss the future of GP practice nurses and how, with increasing demands being placed on primary care services, their role is becoming increasingly important. 

The main guest speaker was Karen Storey, NHS England’s Primary Care Nursing Lead, who outlined her vision for the far-reaching and impactful nature of the work of GP practice nurses in the future NHS landscape and the opportunities available within the newly created Primary Care Networks.

The event was also an opportunity for practical updates including latest best practice on dealing with wound tears and sexual health and contraceptive guidelines and equipping nurses with improved skills on best communicating cardiovascular risks to patients. 

Throughout the day attendees created a live ‘story board’ which captured key messages from each speaker and ended with the identification of common themes and actions for every nurse.

One of the event organisers, Sally Harris, from the Suffolk and North East Essex Training Hub, said: “This was a truly wonderful celebration of the great work that our GP practice nurses do to help support the health and wellbeing of people in east Suffolk.

“It is well known that GP practices are hard-pressed, with increasing demand and difficulties in recruitment. This is why it is so important we don’t overlook the role of nurses and highlight the fulfilling career on offer to those who are interested in making a positive difference in their community.

"A highly skilled professional workforce of primary care nurses is integral to the continued effectiveness of primary care."

You can watch a short film featuring some of the practice nurses who attended the event HERE 

Watch this short video to hear from local nurses

video from from the Primary Care Nurse Conference 11 Sep 2019, in Ipswich

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