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Is your home a child-friendly zone?

Suffolk County Council Public Health has today launched a campaign to help parents of young children to keep their homes hazard-free to reduce the risk of childhood injury in the home. 

The campaign asks ‘Is your home a Child Friendly Zone?’ and offers advice to parents in the form of an interactive quiz alongside stickers and signage for families to place around their home as reminders of actions they can take to reduce the risk of injury in the home.  

The stickers highlight common household injuries; falls, choking, scalds from tap water, burns from hot food or liquid, poisoning from medicines, and provide ideas for parents to try to help prevent injury in the home, for example by keeping furniture away from windows and keeping medicines locked away and out of reach of children.  

The campaign also includes a checklist which families can complete together to identify where potential hazards in the home can be removed. This includes advice about fire safety, safer sleeping, and safety around pets. 

Nationally, the majority of unintentional injuries in under 5-year-olds happen at home and most of these are preventable. Whilst most will be minor, severe injuries can have long-term health, educational, social and occupational consequences. 

Cllr James Reeder, cabinet member for Public Health and Prevention, said: “Children grow and learn all the time and they can take us by surprise with a sudden breakthrough in their development. Accidents can happen very quickly when your back is turned just for a moment, but there are steps you can take to reduce the risk of accidental injury in your home.

“Young children will have injuries and accidents from time to time. Most will be minor, but some can be more serious. This campaign aims to help parents to spot potential hazards in their home and take action to reduce the risk of accidental injury.”

To complete the quiz and find more advice about how to keep your home Child Friendly, visit HERE

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