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Working in partnership - a message from Managers in Partnership trade union

George Shepherd - Managers in Partnership Trade Union (MiP) says:

"I am proud to sign a renewed partnership agreement on behalf of staff side and my membership to continue the excellent working relationship we have with NHS Ipswich and East Suffolk and NHS West Suffolk CCGs and key employer representatives. 

"Over the years since the original partnership agreement was signed we have seen complete engagement and early consultation over key areas that have included change of workplace location and changes directed by the government which has resulted in a happy workforce with record low levels of sickness. 

"In working in partnership training has been provided from lunch and learns covering employment rights and mental health awareness and future training and guidance is planned over financial advice on pensions and other aspects of your financial wellbeing alongside union based surgeries to support members.

"This kind of work can only be achieved with the exemplary relationship that has grown over working jointly in the interest of staff and patients."

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