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Breaking down the barriers to sharing information

A local family doctor has fronted a new short film in which he shares his views on the benefits of My Care Record.

My Care Record is set to break down the barriers to information sharing that have previously hindered effective, joined-up health and care services.

From this month the shared approach My Care Record is set to go live. Over the last year health and care organisations in Suffolk and north east Essex have signed up and there has been a campaign to raise awareness among patients and the public.

In the film, Dr John Oates, who is a GP in Suffolk, explains how My Care Record will be a real game-changer for those receiving care and the professionals working with them.   He says: “As a GP one of the biggest problems I have is being able to see all the up to date health information about a patient. Many people assume that patient records are automatically accessible between organisations such as GP practices and hospitals. However this is often not the case.

“A recent example is a patient of mine who received emergency hospital treatment, and yet I wasn’t able to access the information about what treatment they received in that setting. Obviously, for their ongoing good care it’s important that I can access this information. This is where My Care Record will make such a big difference.”

With My Care Record going live this month, and over time as the supporting technology is established, it means health and care professionals who are directly involved in an individual’s care will be able access the information they need from their care records even if they work for a different organisation or in a different location. For example, a doctor treating an individual in hospital or a nurse working in the community could view the information they need from a patient’s GP record.

Dr Oates continued, saying: “I wanted this short film to succinctly deliver the reasoning for the introduction of My Care Record. It outlines how it will help people receive better co-ordinated care and reduce their need to repeat their story to the different professionals treating them. 

"As a health professional I will have less need to ask patients questions about their history as I will have that information on hand and reduce the need for unnecessary tests. 

“I do hope you will watch the film.”

People who do not wish for their information to be shared can contact the health and care professional working with them who holds their record.

Watch Dr Oates’ short film HERE 

More information about My Care Record is available at mycarerecord.org.uk.

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