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Health care professionals are supporting this year's Self Care Week

Health care professionals across Suffolk and north east Essex are supporting Self Care Week 2020, which runs from November 16 – 22.

The theme of this year’s week is Live Self Care For Life with the aim of raising awareness of the opportunities people have to take control of their own health – whether that is by taking care of minor conditions at home, appropriately following national coronavirus restrictions to prevent the spread of infection or by choosing the right place to go for help and advice.

Increased activity helps to improve mental health and can also considerably reduce a person’s risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. Carrying extra weight and living with Type 2 diabetes – or maintaining a lifestyle which could lead to diabetes – make it much harder to fight not only COVID-19, but also other serious conditions such as cancer and heart disease. People who are continuing to experience symptoms of general ‘deconditioning’ after suffering from coronavirus – conditions such as a mild feeling of fatigue or a general reduction in their mental wellbeing – there are many local support tools available online to help people recover from illness and improve their chances of staying healthier for life.

Online resources include:

https://onelifesuffolk.co.uk/health-walks/ Tel: 01473 718193

Dr Hasan Chowhan, a GP in Colchester and chairman of NHS North East Essex Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “It’s particularly appropriate that Self Care Week occurs during the winter months, as it is an ideal opportunity to remind people what they can do themselves to remain as healthy as possible during this cold and dark time of year.

“At this time of year it’s extremely important that people in “at-risk” groups get their annual flu vaccination from their GP practice or pharmacy. If your GP practice invites you to have a flu vaccination I urge you to take up the offer.

“Accessing self-help tools is also very empowering. If you know someone who could benefit from the online resources above but doesn’t have internet access, please share the information with them.”

Dr Christopher Browning, a GP in Long Melford and chairman of NHS West Suffolk Clinical Commissioning Group said: “This is an opportune time to remind people just how much help and support their local pharmacy can offer. Many pharmacies are open long hours, including evenings and weekends and you don’t need an appointment to speak with the pharmacist.

“The pharmacy is also the place to go for advice on what medicines you should keep at home, so that you’re more easily able to deal with minor illness and injury. It needn’t cost much to stock up on the basics such as paracetamol and sticking plasters and by doing so you’ll be well placed for the winter months.”

Anil Sharma, pharmacist and director of Lords Pharmacy in Newmarket said: “During another lockdown it’s even more important that self-care is high on everyone’s priority list and that the public take the time to check their medicine cabinets at home, that they have the essentials and they are within their expiry dates.’’

Dr Mark Shenton, chairman of NHS Ipswich and East Suffolk Clinical Commissioning Group and Professor of Integrated Care at the University of Suffolk, said: “During this time of coronavirus, self-care is relevant to all of us, as it’s so important we continue to follow national guidance on hands, face and space. This means regularly washing our hands for at least 20 seconds, always wearing a face covering in the appropriate settings and practicing appropriate social distancing. By doing so, we’ll be protecting our own health as well as the health of others.”

You can read more about Self Care Week 2020 HERE

Please visit the NHS website for a list of first aid kit items that may help you provide self-care throughout this winter:


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